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Impact of Computer Use on Children's Vision

Today, children spend an inordinate of time on their computers, tablets or smartphones. Spending this much time on these devices may have a profound effect on their vision.

Hours of computer use may lead children to experience headaches, blurred vision, and eye fatigue. While adults are acutely aware of these situations, children tend not to recognize that these symptoms are coming from computer use or ignore the symptoms totally. In spite of the discomfort, children may continue to perform the task that is bringing them enjoyment. 

Children will also tend to ignore the need for proper lighting and will disregard glare. This can result in excessive eye strain and blurred vision. 

There are some things we as parents can do to minimize the effect of some of these issues:

  • Maintain regular check-ups at the optometrist – See an optometrist for regular check-ups to make sure that your child’s eyes are healthy
  • Establish break times – Do not allow your child to sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end. Establish break times when they must take a break from their computer activity. 
  • Check the position of the computer screen to make sure that it provides optimal visual and ergonomic positions.
  • Check for glare and reflections on the computer screen – These should be eliminated as much as possible.
  • Adjust the lighting in the room to match that of the computer screen.