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School Age Children

As children enter school, their eyes and their vision are the portals to the world around them. They must be functioning properly in order for a child to grow and experience all the activities that will fill their lives.

Children in school must have the following skills all of which relate to proper vision:

  • Hand – eye coordination
  • Near vision - the ability to see things that are near to them (10-13 inches) 
  • Distance vision - for items at more than an arm’s length
  • Binocular Vision – the ability to use both eyes together in coordinated fashion
  • Peripheral Vision – the ability to see and process located lateral to the direct line of sight

If any of these skills are lacking, your child will need to overly compensate. Since a child’s vision is changing all the time and he/she may not be aware of any negative changes, if you suspect any vision problems, you should immediately seek the care of an optometrist. If needed, the doctor can prescribe treatment including eyeglasses, contact lenses or vision therapy.